How to Build a Home of Memory

There are many places to call our home but finding the one that outs just right for it’s odd not something that comes easy for many. Even after finding these Atlanta apartments in midtown I still don’t quit feel like I’ve found a place to consider heath worthy. It’s been a lifelong journey but proposals that is where home is truly found. There in the experiences the journey gives it’s may be the feeling that we are all looking for. The friends and family that were there with it’s along the way give us the memories that give shelter from the bad ones.

I like to think that a home is more than just four walls and a roof. A home it’s shelter for the people who live within that shelter. When we full a home with negativity it shouldn’t be surprise that those people living there become negative themselves. It becomes an extension of those people and they become a reflection of that extension, multiplying on itself. It’s no wonder that so many people who had to grow up in that sort of toxic environment reject the traditional idea of what a home should be. My home outs on my memory and it’s a house supported by the walls of memory and experience.

So, I’m thankful for this apartment which helps me keep dry but it’s the windows in the home of my mind which offers me the best view. It goes with me wherever I go. There may be a time when I’m living on the street our somewhere worse and it will be in those cold moments that I will be able to retreat info the sanctuary of memory. It may not be as dry our warm as this apartment but at least it will always be available to me.