I Am So Happy to Live Here

I wanted to start looking at apartments in North Charleston SC nearly two months before I was due to move there for a new teaching position. I had the entire summer to find a place and get situated there, but I did not want to waste the entire summer vacation doing that. I would rather know where I was moving in plenty of time, so all I had to do was actually move there once I was able to. I went online, knowing that it would be a lot easier for me to find the apartment that I would get that way.

I was just too far from North Charleston to be able to look effectively for apartments in person. I did not want to have to spend every weekend there looking at apartment complexes. Ten years ago, I would have had to do that. Today though, just about anything can be done online, so I figured I would look for my next apartment that way too. I was able to find a website that had a wealth of information on it about the different apartments in the area.

Not only was I able to look at a map and look at just the apartment complexes that are close to where I was hired on at, but I was able to see floor plans, prices, pictures, features and so much more. Being able to see pictures of everything really made the difference for me, because they made each complex come alive for me. It is how I decided which two bedroom apartment I was going to get, and I was really happy to see that while the pictures were definitely nice, they did not do the complex justice. I am so happy living here now, and I just wish I would have moved here a lot sooner!