I Wanted to Replace My Rug

When I moved back home to my parents, I did not take any of my household belongings with me. Everything that I had I had bought with my ex’s money, and I just did not want any reminders of him around. I even left my favorite rug there, but I was not worried about it because I knew that I would be able to get another one that is very similar. For some reason, that is what I focused on when I moved back home, so I did a search for rugs for sale.

I was able to find the same rug store that I had purchased my last one from. When I say it was my favorite rug, it really was because I had never seen one like it anywhere else. I was really happy to see that the selection of rugs had increased a lot, which is saying a lot because the selection they had before was really impressive too. However, I decided that I was going to look around and see if I could find one that struck my fancy even more. It would help to have a new rug in my bedroom that didn’t remind me at all of the home that I shared with my ex.

I looked over all the different selections that The Rug Store has, and as soon as I saw the Think Fashion Ivory Brown rug, I knew that it was the one that I wanted. It is a mix of light and dark browns and ivory, and it is just a rug of a bunch of squares. It is so cool though, and I knew that this was definitely the one I wanted, especially at the price that I was able to get it at. They even threw in free delivery, and it just feels so good to have this as my first purchase for my new life.