Taking Better Care of Your Skin to Prevent Developing Unnecessary Wrinkles As You Age

How come guys look okay with wrinkles? That rough look of Sam Elliot has made him likeable by many women. Bruce Willis’ bald head and Sean Connery’s wrinkles haven’t detracted from their attractiveness. However, what women is wanting to have wrinkles and to lose her hair to maintain her attractiveness as she ages? I don’t know of a culture where the aging of women is celebrated by the gaining of wrinkles or losing hair. This is why makeup, hair products and wrinkle creams, such as Instantly Ageless, exist. You can look online for creams to minimize wrinkles and find myriad results. Finding one that works for you is like finding a diamond in a bucket of coal. All that coal has the potential to become a diamond, but only one has actually made it.

Women have a regimen they follow every day. I know women who wear zero makeup. They do not even use a foundation or lipstick. However, they do work on their hair and use three or four products to keep it looking as nice as they can. They put an effort into trimming nails nicely even if they do not use any polish. Not all women can go without some makeup. I wear a little bit of it every day to even out my skin tones and to highlight my eyes instead of letting my wrinkles be my highlight. I probably should have gotten started earlier using the wrinkle creams to minimize the effects of aging skin. But, better late than never works with this too.

I wish I would have avoided the sun a little more. Not necessarily staying off of the beach but at least using more sunscreen and wearing a hat. I see results from my wrinkle cream, but I think of how I could have avoided needing it. I try to warn young women today, but they are convinced their skin is invincible. Then I tell each of them to look closer at their mom’s skin and their grandmother’s skin. I tell them to compare what their skin looks like as the years have gone by. Sometimes that catches their attention, especially if they understand anything about genetics!