The Revival of a Marriage

I love my wife Hani so much. I have known her for almost fifteen years. When I first saw her, I knew that she was the perfect woman for me. When got married seven years ago. Recently we went through a rough patch in our marriage. We barely spoke to each other. We were so busy with our careers that we could not enjoy each other. Our marriage was dying. The passion was disappearing. We tried adult toys. Hani and I wanted more. We needed some time to ourselves. We had to have a romantic evening with each other.

Hani and I met when we both were in China. The both of us were college students at the time. We both were studying abroad from the same college. We both enjoyed the beauty of China together. I was impressed with the splendor of the Chinese culture. Personally, I thought Hani was the most beautiful thing in China. I could not take my eyes off of her. I asked her out to dinner together and she agreed to go with me. It was so romantic. We had a nice Chinese chicken and rice meal. It was so delicious. We also had moon cakes for dessert. Finally, we listened to a Chinese duet sing romantic love songs. We had a blast that whole evening. I always wanted to relive that experience again.

I had the perfect plan to rekindle my marriage. I surprised Hani with two first class airplane tickets to China. We took off that very evening. Hani and I enjoyed being treated like royalty. We stayed at a five star luxury hotel. We could see the entire city of Shanghai from our penthouse. Hani and I ate the same meal that we met on our first date. This experience put a bit smile on Hani’s face.